Located in New Richmond, Wisconsin at the
New Richmond Regional Airport.

Hangar Space available for lease at the New Richmond Regional Airport serving  Western Wisconsin and the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

For more about New Richmond Regional Airport here.

New Richmond’s geographical location gives the luxury of both country living and city living with the close proximity to the East Metro, Twin Cities area. 

Local to the area, we’ve always enjoyed being less than an hour from the Twin Cities and a few hours away from the beauty of the North shore and Lake Superior. We love this area and are eager to welcome you to New Richmond. Read a little more about the area, the people, and the opportunity we have to offer, just click “About Us” below.

Check out what the New Richmond Regional Airport has to offer below.

5,700 foot primary asphalt runway with precision RNAV approaches, MIRL, REIL, PAPI 150 foot blast pads.

2,100 foot crosswind turf runway.

Airspace is controlled by Minneapolis approach control.

IFR clearances can be obtained through a GCO 121.725 on the ground or airborne on 121.2 after passing 200' AGL. 

Plenty of ramp space, with 20 plug in outlets and 27 tie downs. 

CTAF - 122.975

Access to Hatfield Lake on the south side of the airport for sea planes. 

We don't get a lot of snow, but if it does get a little winter-like, we have top notch snow removal 24 hours per day.  

We use liquid E-36 runway deicer when necessary.  Braking action is accurately reported using an approved friction meter.

The FBO  has two locations at New Richmond Regional Airport. The self-service location is located near the approach end of runway 32 in the south hangar area. The full service FBO is located 4000' from the approach end of runway 32 in the north hangar area.

FBO services provided by the East Metro Jet Center include ground transportation, fueling services, ground support, and FBO amenities that you can check out by clicking here.

Ready to take the next step?

We have two 8,000 sq.ft. extremely well maintained hangars, previously used for plane engine engineering and testing.  Rent the entire space or lease by aircraft.  We have recently constructed for lease another 12,000 sq.ft. hangar, open concept, with runway access that would be available as well. Check out what we have to offer at Wings of Wisconsin by clicking the ' Lease or Rent' button below!

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